5 things that give me joy

It can be the simplest things that tap into the vast well of joy that resides within all of us.

Making a decision to notice these things and expand the attention we give to them lifts our spirits, cultivates a positive outlook on life and helps us to become more grateful.

Why is it good to be grateful? Well my view is that gratitude is a form of love and energetically, is of a very high vibration i.e. high frequency. Everything is energy and everything vibrates at varying frequencies.

Thus emotions exist at different frequencies and when we feel emotions we emit those frequencies. For example, when we are feeling gratitude, we will emit the high frequency of gratitude.

The Law of Attraction basically says that we are like magnets, so our frequency will attract like frequencies. It therefore makes sense to be emitting the frequencies of what we would like to attract, am I right?

I know from my experience that the more I cultivate joy in my life the more joy I feel, so I thought I would share some simple everyday things that help me to cultivate joy when I notice them.

  1. Snuggling into my cosy bed at night.

I have lived on my own since mid-March and I admit I have experienced the occasional fear about how I will manage financially as a single-income household. That fear is easily pushed aside by enjoying the exquisiteness of getting into my own clean bed at night, feeling how incredibly soft and comfortable it is, pulling the covers up under my chin to bask in the warmth and knowing that I will be at peace all through the night. It feels me with so much joy to notice these wonderful gifts that I am able to provide myself with that most nights when I put myself to bed, I am grinning, giggling and sometimes saying out loud “I love it!”. Wouldn’t you rather focus on the comfort of having a bed at night than the worry of not being able to pay rent? I sure would.

  1. Watching a nature programme.

I don’t watch much TV as I have many other things to keep me busy but sometimes I like to send my brain on a little holiday by plugging it into the ‘box’; I only ever select things from Netflix as I reject TV ‘programming’ that contains fear-porn ‘news’ and other brain-washing things – my TV doesn’t have an aerial so it isn’t connected to ‘channels’. Like most people though, I enjoy a laugh and I regularly catch an episode of Rick & Morty. When I want to be uplifted though, I’ll choose a nature programme. Recently I watched a three-part series called ‘Wild Japan’, which was all about the wildlife and landscape of the islands of Japan, as well as how humans coexist with the wild. I was in absolute awe of the creatures that live their lives in such challenging conditions; I was moved to tears several times with the sheer beauty of this planet we call home. Wouldn’t you like to be transported to somewhere beautiful on Earth, rather than being sucked into stories of death and despair? I know what I choose.

  1. Making myself healthy food.

Most of my day revolves around when I am eating my next snack. I love food and eating. Sometimes when I go to bed at night I am already excited about what I am going to eat for breakfast in the morning. Fresh and whole foods make up most of my diet so this requires a considerable amount of preparation time but I don’t begrudge it. When I am washing and juicing my celery in the morning, putting fruit in the blender, preparing a salad to take to work with me or roasting vegetables in the evening, I am not thinking “this is boring” or “I can’t be bothered” but rather, I am inwardly very smug with myself that I am going to consume all of this fresh nourishing food that will help my body to continue to do its amazing job of being the machine that my spirit wears to play this game of life. I am pleased that I have planned and prepared my meals so that I do not waste money on fast-food and I am looking forward to eating the food that I have lovingly gathered. It’s an honour and privilege to be able to access and consume quality food.

  1. Saying hello to animals.

Think this sounds silly? Well, maybe it looks that way to muggles that walk past me and hear me say “hello robin” to the robin that I spotted sitting in a tree, singing it’s pretty song (which could be telling other robins to “fuck off” out of its territory for all I know but its joyful to listen to). Do I care what other people think? No. What I care about is noticing the natural world around me, observing the activities of creatures that humans share their home with and wondering what they’re doing. I like to think that the robin will have a nice fully belly and a healthy family. It fosters a sense of connectedness to the world around me to notice animals in nature and to engage with them by sight and sound. What I say holds the energy of my goodwill towards the animals that I greet, so why wouldn’t I share it with them? Even the smallest interaction of saying hello to an animal is joyful to me.

  1. Dancing.

Children instinctively move their body when they hear music, to enjoy how it feels; they don’t feel silly or self-conscious, they are being free and spontaneous, which is a child’s natural state. This year I have brought much more dance into my life and I feel so much more alive for it. When I’m at home, for example in the morning as I go about my routine of showering, eating, getting dressed etc, I’ll put a playlist on via my phone to play from a Bluetooth speaker and I’ll dance around my flat – it’s free and spontaneous – my inner child is out to play and this chases away any hint of depression that might otherwise try to grab me. I am so grateful for music and dancing, they truly feed my soul.

Thank you for indulging my love of my life by reading this article. I hope that I have inspired you to look at everyday activities in a new light, perhaps seeing more opportunities to experience joy and gratitude in your own day-to-day life.

What 5 things give you joy?

Much love,


3 Responses to “5 things that give me joy

  • Your musings are a kin to what I envisage the secret conversations between sisters to be. Not having a sister often leaves me feeling that I miss out on that special bond between sisters that gives each of them strength and a sense of connectedness. I think your bog is beautiful as is your attempt to reach out to others in an attempt to share your experiences and wisdom. Thank you it’s been a pleasure.

    Princess Mow

    • Thank you for your beautiful words; the sentiments you’ve expressed resonate with me deeply. I look forward to connecting with you.
      Warm wishes,

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