Lorelei is a tarot witch, writer and shadow tantrika living in London, U.K.

On this website you can access personal tarot card readings and a scattering of blog articles, though Lorelei writes most frequently on social media when she’s delivering free general tarot readings, oracle card readings, commentary on astrological events and musings of a philosophical nature.

As a mystic, Lorelei’s primary means of connecting to what is hidden, is the tarot. What she sees in the cards opens her to the wisdom of her Higher Self; Lorelei is an oracle skilled in the art of divination and her readings help people from all over the world via Facebook and Instagram. Wisdom divined from the cards by Lorelei is transmitted in writing for the full benefit of the downloads she receives when opening herself to the Mystery that lies beyond the veil.

A self-taught tarot reader and lover of crystals from childhood, Lorelei has always embraced the occult and sought to know what others could not or did not want to know. Her love of hidden realms of consciousness and the power of her will were explored during her teenage years when witchcraft pushed its way into the collective consciousness, inspiring her and others to join in circles, dabbling with candles, crystals and whimsical wishes. She and her school friends grew up in the 80s and 90s when they would giggle with fright at horror films during sleepovers, envy the boldness of the teenage witches in the iconic film The Craft and desire more than anything else, to overcome feelings of powerlessness in their lives, to make sense of the world around them and feel soothed in uncertain times as all young people do. For the misfits especially, those that feel on the outside, witchcraft is a spiritual path that fosters a sense of connectedness; it provides meaning in the face of annihilation; and it says “fuck you” to anyone who seeks to take what is not given.

Lorelei is an eternal student, having found solace and a sense of purpose in the pursuit of knowledge throughout many periods of her life. Her career as an employment lawyer lasted 11 years and during that time she continued to explore and develop her understanding of the metaphysical world. For a time, she lived at a seaside town in the County of Essex, which is the place where the River Thames meets the North Sea. While living there, she developed a deeper connection to the Goddess consciousness that resides in the waters that flow across the globe that we live on. She was immersed in studies and initiations, including: 1st and 2nd Degree Reiki initiations; the 13 Rites of the Munay-Ki (energetic transmissions from an ancient Andean tradition); womb healing; shamanic healing; and tarot reading.

In the latter part of her legal career, Lorelei was also running a therapeutic counselling business. Her interest in human psychology, particularly developmental psychology and the study of unconscious mind, with Jung being a favourite theorist on the latter. Now, Lorelei is a fierce advocate for the inner child and way-shower through the density of emotional pain and this comes through in her tarot readings, which inevitably seek to highlight why there is pain and what decisions need to be made to make a shift from one emotional state to another.

When Lorelei gave up her career as a lawyer, she continued to provide tarot readings and counselling while she embraced a new life as a shadow tantrika. Her personal studies of the Goddess and her love of helping others to heal had taken her down the Priestess path, along which she received training from the School of Erotic Mysteries and regularly sat in circle with other witchy women who were hungry for their birthright. It is the birthright of women to embody all three Archetypes of Mother, Teacher and Whore. Women are waking up to this. No longer would they accept the Madonna/Whore dichotomy. They would remember Mary Magdalene, who was an initiate of the Isis Mystery School in ancient Egypt and thus a revered spiritual leader of her time, skilled in the art of sex magick yet labelled a whore and mysteriously absent from the Bible, written by men. Why must women fit into one box or another? Why can a Mother not also embody her lustfulness, her Whore? Why can a Whore not also be a Teacher? Not one to break the tradition of sexually empowered, empathic and intelligent women being controversial, Lorelei is an occasional activist, sometimes writing provocative pieces that seek to illuminate the subtle ways that female power continues to be suppressed.

Lorelei continues to be a confidante to individuals whom wish to explore their thoughts and feelings in relation to matters of the heart, mind and spirit.

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