Welcome to Lorelei’s Musings, a safe space for you to visit at any time during your journey of self-discovery.

Here, Lorelei is waiting for you should you wish to walk with her.

Since a small child, Lorelei has been immersed in the mystical, reading tarot cards and using crystals from age 8. The young Lorelei was intensely sensitive to the emotions of those around her and able to read situations to keep herself from danger; this empathy developed into clairsentience, meaning that she can not only read the emotions of those in close physical proximity but also the emotions of people from all over the world, including picking up on shifts and currents in the collective consciousness. Over the years, Lorelei has taught herself her craft, learning how to use her intuition, tuning into the energies of the cosmos and patterning synchronicities to divine the wisdom that the Universe would impart to her. Having a rich inner world has meant that Lorelei found an affinity for trance work and is able to bring back claircognizant ‘knowings’ from her journeys in consciousness.

Now, Lorelei lives in London, in the UK, where she has a counselling practise. Lorelei is an integrative therapist, using talking therapies to help her clients explore their own inner worlds – their Labyrinths – so that they may move forward with their lives.

Lorelei is not a teacher; she is a fellow traveller of whom you ask the way.

Lorelei’s speciality is in helping others access their own personal power by identifying what needs to be brought into balance or healed.

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