How an eclectic witch performs a ritual

The times are past when we look to others to teach us all we need to know.

We now know that we are all our own greatest teachers.

What I think does have value, is sharing our experiences, for it is experiencing life through the perspectives of others (as well as our own) that we learn new things. This is why I no longer share prescriptive information about how to perform rituals, since I know that when I was learning, it never really worked for me to adopt someone else’s practise.

Spiritual practise is something that is learned by experience and based on our own personal philosophies; by formulating our own spiritual practise our rituals take on greater meaning for us and this is how we use magick effectively. When our rituals hold deep meaning for us, this clarifies and amplifies the intentions that we transmit to the Universe and enables those to manifest.

I am sharing this blog as an insight into the types of rituals I perform for myself so that this may feed into your understanding of your own spiritual practise.

If you want to skip the rest of this article and hear what I have to say about how I formulate a ritual, then here are some bullet points:

1.      Check the moon phase and cosmic alignments to tailor the work.

2.      Set the intention.

3.      Gather tools.

4.      Prepare sacred space.

5.      Do magick!

I suppose you could say that I am an eclectic witch, simply because I don’t follow any particular method of magick and I incorporate what works for me. My background is mostly Pagan and so I have a grounding in formal magick, whereby a circle will be cast, the elements called in and a scripted ritual carried out before closing the circle. Over time I have explored many different paths and one I keep being called back to is the shamanic path. In many of my lives, I have followed the path of the Priestess and I am following that path again now. Shamans journey in consciousness to other realms in order to communicate with the spirits that live there and bring back information to help others. In the same way, High Priestesses in Neolithic times would commune with the spirits of the land in order to grant sovereignty to Kings; this was also done to transmit wisdom to Pharaohs in ancient Egypt.

When I have time to devote to my spiritual practise, I like to perform personal rituals and I do not usually plan these in advance. I’ll simply know that I have an evening free and then I decide what I feel like doing. I’m a healer and oracle, so most of my rituals revolve around that type of work, which lends itself to kundalini exercises and shamanic journeying.

I have moved away from formal magick as it was all rather time consuming and I personally do not think that lengthy rituals are necessary for magick. The greatest tool you will ever use is yourself. Tools are useful amplifiers of intention but by no means essential.

So here’s a summary of my recent Thursday night personal ritual – I won’t go into huge detail because like I said, I don’t want to be prescriptive but rather, offer ideas and inspiration.

On Thursday 5th January 2017, the moon was waxing and had also entered the sign of Aries, which is my Sun sign. This is significant because on the day each month when the moon enters your Sun sign, this is when cerebral spinal fluid (‘CSF’) is released in your brain to travel down your spinal cord and if conditions are right (an alkaline body is essential), it will travel back up to activate your pineal and pituitary glands. At this time each month I eat lightly and healthily, drink lots of pure water and meditate to open my third eye.

I decided that I would spend some time that evening doing some trance work, induced by shamanic drumming as I knew my psychic abilities would be heightened by the CSF and I was likely to have a visionary experience.

Aries energy is fire and so my starting intention was to work with that energy; I selected a crystal to match that vibration – bloodstone, which is also a good cleansing crystal. There were also some answers I wanted from the Universe so I picked labradorite and clear quartz crystals to increase clairvoyance and prophecy, as well as aid in communicating with other realms.

I prepared my space my using the smoke of dried sage (this is called smudging) to cleanse the area of any negative energy and then I made myself comfortable in a cross legged position, before expanding my luminous energy field by using light from my eighth chakra (a few inches above the crown) to spread a bubble around me with my hands. After taking some deep breaths with hands in prayer position by my heart to centre myself there, I meditated for a few minutes and then began drumming.

The vibrations from drumming remind us of the first sound we experienced: our mother’s heart beat when we were in her womb. It’s a very primal energy and can send you into a trance state. When I drum, I flow with it intuitively and feel where my attention wants to go. I’d had a very busy day and was carrying tension in my shoulders and the drum vibrations drew my attention to those areas so I sent healing to them and consciously relaxed them. Once I was relaxed, I went deeper into the trance and my attention went to the sensations in my energy body; I focussed on the bloodstone crystal and firey energy of Aries to awaken the kundalini energy in my base chakra, before raising the fire up to cleanse the rest of my chakras until ecstatically it pierced my crown.

After coming out of trance and taking some grounding breaths, I was ready for the next stage, which was going to be visionary meditation. To clear my pineal gland and sharpen the focus on my intentions, I used shamanic snuff with a self applicator pipe called a kuripe. Rather than explain what this is I will provide the link to a couple of informative videos by my friend from Aumbra Tribe so that you can watch at your leisure if you feel called to.

I tend to download so much information when I do trance and meditative work that I always keep a journal nearby so that I can scribble down all the ideas before they slide away.

When I had finished my ritual and grounded myself again, I closed space by pulling back the bubble of light back into my eighth chakra and down into my own energy body.

So in that evening, I did some healing on myself, revitalised myself with the element of fire (Aries energy and kundalini) and journeyed in consciousness to retrieve information and bring it back into the physical realm.

There are many other types of ritual but for now I wanted to just give you a flavour of some relatively informal yet powerful ways of using your magick.

Once again, thank you for reading and I look forward to sharing more with you – please do ask questions or send in suggestions for topics that I can write about in future as I am here to serve you by sharing my knowledge and experience.

With love,


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