How to ascend during Mercury Retrogade

In this article I am going to explain how I work with the energies of Mercury Retrogade to convey me through a period of transformation.

Mercury is currently retrograde from 9th April to 3rd May.

There is no shortage of available information that tells us about Mercury Retrogade and what it means when the planet of communication appears to be moving backwards.

By now I expect most of you will have a good idea of the general mishaps to expect when Mercury is in its retrograde period, such as being misunderstood, technology malfunctioning, travel disruptions and old issues coming up for review. You’ll know that it’s not the best time to start new things but rather, it’s more suited to tying up loose ends.

Mercury Retrogade is seen by many as a period to struggle through; to batten down the hatches until it’s over; a time of damage limitation.

What if it could be more than that? What if in the grand scheme of things, Mercury Retrogade was a golden opportunity to revisit partially explored avenues where there remains treasure to be found? You’d want to go and dig for that treasure, wouldn’t you?

My main driver is towards constant improvement so I’m always looking to progress beyond where I am and when I was pondering the nature of transitions yesterday following the weekly tarot reading, it suddenly clicked that Mercury Retrogade can be our perfect partner during periods of transformation. I will explain how this works for me, based on my own recent experiences.

Before I get into the nitty-gritty (as we say in the UK), I want to delve a little into some of the background synchroncities that add colour to this tapestry. I’m going to be talking about the number 8 and the Life/Death/Life cycle.

I’m writing this article on 13th April, which numerologically is an 8 day i.e. 13th day of the 4th month – 13+4=17 reduces down like so 1+7=8. The number 8 holds the energy of ascension, progression and advancement – for me it feels like overcoming obstacles and rising above what previously weighed me down or held me back. When you have learned to react differently to the situations or people that used to adversely trigger you, that represents a graduation from those lessons – it’s an ascension, progression or advancement. The Eight of Swords was drawn in the tarot reading yesterday and represented the need to free ourselves from the prison of our minds; to overcome things that we feel trapped by. In the same reading the Death card was drawn and called to mind transitions and the Life/Death/Life cycle that is inherent in all of existence. Depicted in that card was a heron standing in the water, demonstrating the ease at which it transitions between the elements of water, air and earth. Also depicted was a moth, symbolising the process of metamorphosis.

Change is inevitable; it is futile to resist it; it is more beneficial to flow with it and to grow in the process, which is what the number 8 urges us to do. Life follows death and death follows life; an ending is also a beginning; life is everlasting. This is also the lesson of the 8. Turn an 8 on its side and you have the infinity symbol that summarises those ideas in one simple line. The infinity sign looks rather like a feedback loop, doesn’t it?

Now here is an “aha!” moment.

Being in a Mercury Retrogade period is like being sucked into the feedback loop of the 8. A cosmic slipstream that we get sucked into so that we can revisit those partially explored avenues, with the task of finding the treasure that we did not fully retrieve before.

We must go backwards to go forwards.

The purpose of Mercury Retrogade, from the point of view of someone who strives to continually improve, is to graduate from the feedback loop – to exit it with the treasure.

Ok, so now let me get into the nitty-gritty.

In my experience, during a Mercury Retrogade period the Universe will deliver to me experiences that give me the opportunity to re-do previous lessons. For example, last year one particular challenge was a stressful working situation, that led to me having what can only be described as frequent ‘melt downs’ – I was not in a good place at all and the way I reacted when I was triggered by stressful events in that working situation was to become very anxious, try and do too many things at once, to keep bemoaning the amount of work I had to do and expect to be stressed. I was going to bed crying and waking up crying. Eventually, I learned to cope with that stressful situation much better by taking one task at a time, activating a compassionate internal dialogue with myself to combat the anxiety and ensuring that my outward dialogue was positive.

It has been relatively stress-free time at work since then… until bam! Mercury retrograde happened and it all went crazy. How would I fare this time when subjected to a large volume of urgent tasks queuing up, clients in distress and new technology to get to grips with…all in the same week?!

The trigger was activated and my button was firmly pushed. I recognised that I was being delivered a lesson from the past and it was time for me to review that lesson and activate my mastery to keep myself afloat as I flowed through the slipstream. You can either get sucked in coughing and spluttering or you can navigate the stream. Here are my steps for navigating the stream to graduate from the feedback loop of Mercury Retrogade.

Ask yourself these questions:

1.      What are your triggers?

2.      What happens when you’re triggered?

3.      How did you react to those triggers in the past? i.e. what thoughts go through your mind? How does your body feel? What do you do?

4.      How did you overcome those reactions? Is there anything you would do differently this time? How would a person who had mastered their emotions react?

Taking into account the answers to question 4 – take appropriate action when triggered! You know what to do, so give it a go.

I will leave you with some additional parting tips.

Focus on communicating clearly and giving voice to your thoughts and feelings in a non-judgmental way. Be expressive and descriptive and use the retrograde period to really hone your communication skills. Journaling can help make sense of it all by clarifying your thoughts and also sending your prayers to the Universe.

Use this time to reinforce previous intentions rather than starting to work on new manifestations. This time is all about consolidation of work already underway and reaffirming your visions.

Thank you for reading this, I was very excited to write it and I hope you retrieve your treasure!

Fare well during this Mercury Retrogade and always.

Much love,


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