Just when you think you know some shit life goes “ok you’re ready for the next class”

Back to school

When chatting to a friend online recently about sex and spirituality, I told him that previously, I thought I knew the important stuff but now I was having to re-learn, to which he replied “just when you think you know some shit life goes ok you’re ready for the next class”. We then exchanged a few observations about confidence and surrender, which ended with him sharing the following pearl of wisdom: “Life appears to my mind to be a delicate balancing act between unshakeable confidence in yourself and also total surrender to the infinite…which can’t be known”. I poked fun at him for this sounding like perfect inspirational quote material and he was horrified to have sounded like a New Age quote but we laughed and I agreed with his quote wholeheartedly, since I am currently experimenting with surrendering to not knowing.


I have always been someone who wants to know what is going to happen and when, so that I can plan, prepare and take action to achieve my goals. This is because I am driven by an urgent need to save the world one person at a time…to remove humanity’s problems and create a better world…but how to achieve that purpose??? Most of the time my disciplined approach of setting goals and having action plans has worked but in recent years I seem to have floundered… I would think I had found ‘the answer’ but then ultimately nothing significant would materialise from my efforts, then I would become disheartened and continue searching, searching, always searching for ‘the answer’ but it always seemed to elude me.

So now I have decided that I am going to stop searching for ‘the answer’ and see where my abilities take me. This of course makes a planner like me nervous, since I get a sense that I lack drive/direction and indeed I have fallen into a temporary habit of procrastinating but I am determined to find my creative flow and start ‘doing’ again.

My blog

You might have noticed that I didn’t share a blog last month: if you did not notice, that confirms my instinct that what I was writing previously was not resonating particularly. Where I had got to with my web-blog was that I was writing about the month ahead in terms of an astrological forecast, weaved in with my own observations about how to harness the cosmic energy for personal development. While I know this was using my abilities and was interesting or of use to some of you, the fact that it wasn’t reaching more of you told me that I wasn’t creating from my own personal genius zone.
Last month I moved house rather suddenly and during that personal upheaval I really didn’t have the headspace to force myself to deliver the usual monthly blog and since then, I haven’t been in a rush to publish a blog but rather, I am doing some soul-searching to better understand who I am, what I do and what I am offering by way of service.

How I serve

In the meantime, I am continuing to share the weekly Wednesday tarot card reading that you love, as well as the Moon forecast on Monday and various Oracle readings, philosophical musings and other content that I hope will be of interest. I am also delving deeper into my own personal beliefs and practises about things that really matter to me, such as: healing the inner child; balancing the masculine and feminine; and healthy sexual expression. Ultimately, I expect that it will be from these three areas of interest that my further offerings will be derived.

What do I know about my offerings now? Firstly, I am a Clairsentient Oracle, divining wisdom from tarot and other cards. Readings can be booked via this link or if you want me to tailor you something different (such as two questions, two cards), drop me a direct message or email. Second, I am a Wild Woman, which means that occasionally I will share musings about somewhat provocative topics and on my Instagram I tend to share some slightly more revealing photos of myself, since I enjoy my sensuality. Finally, I am a Wellbeing Warrior Priestess, with a mission to help as many people heal themselves as I can, which I do through one-to-one talking sessions through Skype (book via this link or contact me direct to ask about an inner-child session for a lower price) or simply by sharing writing that I hope will gently touch the wounded parts of you and trigger your healing process, help to stir your will to defeat your inner demons or otherwise to assist you in making sense of what is going on in or around you.

I am Lorelei and I am here for you.

Walk with me.

Much love as always.

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