“Ohhh my stars, Miss Lorelei… you are quite possibly the greatest deckWitch I have ever had the honour of knowing. Your ability to express these intricate concepts for the lay-person (as well as the adept) is so impressive to me, and your writing skills are off the chain! I just wanted to convey that, along with my deepest gratitude and respect for your work” Djenn, Florida (USA)

“What an epic Seeress you are! Blows me away every time… and that’s not easy to do, lol! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much” Djenn, Florida (USA)

“Thank you so much for this. Its so amazing that I told you nothing about my life or my current situation or emotions and all of everything you sent resonates and makes sense to the way I feel right now.” Tamara, Atlanta (USA)

“I recently needed to make some important decisions in my life and needed some guidance so I asked Lorelei for a reading and she didn’t disappoint, she explained everything in detail and gave me some clarity. I now feel I have taken the right path.” Mike, Berkshire (UK)

“I highly recommend Lorelei for not only her weekly guidance through tarot readings each week on her Facebook page, but also for her keen intuition for interpreting dreams. I’ve come to Lorelei with my dreams that I’ve had trouble interpreting, and she is always spot on with her guidance and interpretation. She is my number one person for guidance on life, dreams, or information about all things witchy. She’s been a blessing in my life.” Mindy, Nebraska (USA)

“Lorelei is a true wonderful reader and healer. She never fails to help me unpick my situation and understand myself and the world around me. Her ability to uncover  the aspects of my life that are troubling me helping to guide me in ways of thinking that could benefit is the most amazing thing with every reading I’ve had. Each time I’ve had a reading I have been left with a genuine feeling of being understood, supported and guided towards positive steps for my future progression. Lorelei is a remarkable woman who I hold in extremely high regard not only as a spiritual healer and guide but also a true friend” Harriet, London (UK)

“Lorelei is the REAL deal. And by real I mean many things. She is approachable, charismatic, educated and inspiring. She is most definitely in tune with her inner Goddess…and her guides. She is always willing to explain and has a wonderful sense of self and humour. She is always on the ready to give of her time, knowledge and self. Her readings…Be they specifically for you, a group pull, card of the day, have yet to fail to empower and inspire. EVERYTIME I get something out of it. If I have a question she’s the one I want to ask. She is amazing!! Melisa, Florida (USA)