Super Full Moon in Taurus 14th November 2016 energetic checkpoint

If you’re like me, you will pay attention to cosmic events like Full Moons, because you are harnessing the energy of these events in order to manifest your will.
I see New and Full Moons as energetic checkpoints, that is, times when we look at:
1. Where we are now.
2. Our immediate past.
3. Our immediate future.
At Full Moon, I look back at the goals I set at New Moon and review what has transpired in between, as this informs what I choose to give power to under the influence of the Full Moon. The more you do this the more you will notice synchronicities; this will give you confidence that you are reading the language of the Universe and allowing it to guide you on your path.
So let us do this together, using a few of my own observations as an example.
New Moon in Scorpio
This occurred on 30th October 2016 and was the second New Moon in the month, making it a Black Moon and therefore especially powerful for looking into the darkness and being reborn from it. In the watery sign of Scorpio, our emotions were stirred up by the influence of Luna and I found that some of my deepest emotional shadow came up to the surface for me to review. Scorpio is concerned with desire, sexuality and power and it was obvious that these sorts of issues were coming up all over the globe for people, whether that be in the context of politics, the stand made by the Sioux people at Standing Rock, women speaking out against misogyny and many others deciding not to allow others to take their power away anymore. What I discovered about myself was that emotional wounds from my adolescence needed to heal and I had all kinds of shadow from that part of my life challenging me. I expect many of you will have experienced some form of discomfort between New Moon in Scorpio and where we are now, on the eve of the Super Full Moon in Taurus, because unresolved shadow aspects in your psyche have been making themselves known to you.


Queen of Pentacles – Earth Mother
Do you ever feel that you just need a Mother to hold you and reassure you that it’s all going to be ok? Well here comes Super Full Moon in Taurus with a strong and reliable Earth Mother energy to give you the strength to carry on. This brings me on to the subject of the ‘Inner Family’. The ‘Inner Child’ is a concept shared amongst psychologists, psychotherapists and spiritualists alike. While there are different explanations for what this aspect of the self is, it can be described as the part of our personality that represents that phase in our life. What were you like as a child? Were you happy-go-lucky? Were you neglected? Were you shy? Were you creative? Were you abused? That part of you stays frozen in time forever; think of all of your experiences, thoughts and feelings as a child being kept in a box labelled ‘Child’, which is kept in your psyche – that box is actually like a person that lives within you. You will also have a box labelled ‘Adolescent’. Overseeing those boxes is your ‘Inner Parent’ and together, they form your ‘Inner Family’. Being conscious of the different aspects of my personality and bringing them into balance has been the key to my own personal healing and transformation. I could write several more blogs just on this topic but for now I hope you get the gist of what I am saying.


Numerological and planetary influences
The day of the Full Moon is 14th November 2016
The 14th day: 1+4=5
November is the 11th month: 1+1=2
2016: 2+0+1+6=9
So our significant numbers are 5, 2 and 9.
This year is a 9 year, which makes it a year of completion and I am sure you will agree that this year has been relentless in pushing us to resolve unfinished business. There have also been many endings, including sadly, many loved ones leaving this plane.
It’s the eleventh month and the number 11 is the number of twin flames so Divine love is highlighted. The number 2 also speaks of power being increased as there is a doubling; partnerships are also strengthened.
The number 5 that we get from reducing down the 14th day will lead to some conflict. I see the flavour of 5 with the 9 as a good indicator that we are moving towards resolving conflicts – all the inner conflicts that arose on the New Moon can now be healed and the energy dispersed. When we have experienced trauma, it is stored in our energy field so reiki therapy or other types of energy healing will be very beneficial to help you finally move that energy from every part and particle of your being. Talking therapies can take us to far but then we also need to sweep our energy fields. Shamanic journeying can be very potent at this time, because when you journey back to the times where trauma occurred, you re-access the energy field from that time and can re-educate the younger you with what you know now by looking on the situation with love, which then moves the trauma out of your energy field.
What if we add up the numbers 5, 2 and 9? We get 7, which is the number of initiations and magick; it is the number of inner alchemy – of personal transformation. If you would like help with inner alchemy and would like to work with me, please see my other website (which is still under construction) for information
Taurus is ruled by Venus and this brings to the fore the Archetypes of the Lover/Beloved and The Mother. The Goddess Venus/Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty and here we get the strong Earth Mother energy. With the number 7 we have a lot of ancient female wisdom swirling around.
How do I love the dark parts of me?
I see this as a fundamental question to ask and to invoke Venus to help you with in magickal works. I think we need to learn to shift our focus from changing our shadow to embracing it with love. When you discover what your shadow is, it’s not nice, we’d rather not have those parts of us, so we might instead pretend they don’t affect us by only focussing on the positive (spiritual bypassing) or we desperately try to change them and become very depressed or anxious in the process. Why? Because we are resisting rather than accepting ourselves. If like me, you were first neglected by your mother and then narcissistically abused by your grandmother, you may have developed some unhealthy thoughts and behaviours, which stem from the wounded inner child. The wounded inner child contaminates our life with trust issues, codependence, acting out, addictions and emptiness. If you find yourself sulking about a situation, it is likely to be Little You acting out because they think their needs are not being met and when Big You realises that is undesirable behaviour, you may well become annoyed with yourself for acting that way but the feeling is so strong you are at a loss to know what to do about it. Stop judging yourself. Venus tells you to love Little You when they are troublesome. As a loving parent, what would you do if your child was sulking? You could ask them how they feel and what they need. You might also gently distract them and do something to reassure them. Rather than being critical of them or requiring them to be something other than what they are, you need to unconditionally love them. Educate your inner Parent so that they can love and meet the needs of your inner child and adolescent; heal the inner family and see how conflicts begin to dissolve all around you.


Stop getting in your own way, like a stubborn bull!


Instead, take the positive aspects of Taurus to be reliable, gentle, grounded and big hearted. When you love your shadow as it arises, rather than wanting it to be something different, you create space for transformation to occur by means of inner alchemy, rather than by force; the use of force creates resistance and conflict.
Well thank you for reading to the end of this blog! It was bursting to be shared with you as the ideas came to me last night ready to be shared today, on the eve of the Super Full Moon in Taurus. Remember to give thanks to the Universe for lessons you have learned and allow this feeling of gratitude to fill your being, as you ask to now be filled with Divine love.


Many blessings,

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