Tarot readings are a form of divination giving an insight into the influences surrounding a person or issue; it is a powerful tool that is wielded with intuition.

The tarot is a deck of 78 mystical cards, with connections to alchemy, psychology, astrology, numerology, Kaballah, Eastern philosophy and many other esoteric traditions. The cards speak to the reader in a Universal language through a variety of archetypal symbols.

Lorelei has loved tarot cards since she was 8 years old and she launched Lorelei’s Musings (then called Lorelei’s Intuitive Pathways) in 2014 so that she could use the tarot as a tool to share messages from the Divine to seekers of wisdom all over the world.

Lorelei is a counselling therapist and the aim of her readings is to help you heal. Her style as a reader has been described as “upbeat, positive and beating”, meaning that she will encourage you to look towards the light as well as providing you with frank guidance that will not entertain any notions of victimhood or disempowerment. The messages that she shares with love and dedication to your wellbeing, will offer new perspectives for you to think about.

See below for details of particular spreads of cards that Lorelei offers. Please contact Lorelei direct on (or via Facebook or Instagram) to order a bespoke spread of any number of cards or questions that you would like.

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5 card problem-solver tarot reading

This spread deals with issues that must be attended to by revealing problems that surround your priority and how to deal with it to move forward.

First card: “main priority”
Second card: “challenge/blockage”
Third card: “things you must change”
Fourth card: “things you must accept”
Fifth card: “outcome”




7 card self-improvement tarot reading

If you want to achieve a positive transformation and would like some hints, this spread will show you who you are now, where you are headed and what you need to do to get there.

First card: “who you are now”
Second card: “what you need to learn about yourself”
Third card: “what you need to relinquish”
Fourth card: “what you need to develop”
Fifth card: “what you’d love to become”
Sixth card: “your current quest”
Seventh card: “where it will lead”



10 card overview tarot reading

If you have a specific issue, theme or question that needs to be resolved or clarified, this spread will provide an in-depth overview of your current circumstances and influences surrounding you.

First card: “you now”
Second card: “blockage”
Third card: “conscious goal”
Fourth card: “unknown influence”
Fifth card: “past influence”
Sixth card: “approaching influence”
Seventh card: “inner resource”
Eighth card: “outward projection”
Ninth card: “issues to resolve”
Tenth card: “outcome”

11 card partnership-truth tarot reading

Do you have questions about your romantic partnership? This spread will reveal the truth.

First card: “you now”
Second card: “your partner now”
Third card: “joint goal”
Fourth card: “do you really want this?”
Fifth card: “do they really want this?”
Sixth card: “shared illusion”
Seventh card: “how you can help fix it”
Eighth card: “how can they help fix it”
Ninth card: “unspoken agenda”
Tenth card: “what you are projecting”
Eleventh card: “what they are projecting”


Terms and conditions
1. To receive a tarot card reading, payment must be made and you will then be sent an email confirmation with an order form, which must be completed before Lorelei draws cards for you. None of the details you provide will be stored on our database, unless you have indicated that you would be happy to be contacted by email about free content and/or offers, in which case your email address will be stored securely.
2. Your tarot reading will consist of a photo of the cards drawn and a written interpretation of the meanings of the cards.
3. Your tarot reading will be sent to the email address you provided on the order form within three days of receipt of your order form.
4. The messages conveyed in readings are intended for general guidance only and you take full responsibility for your actions following readings.
5. Once your reading has been sent to your email address, it will be non-refundable.