Tarot readings are a form of divination giving an insight into the influences surrounding a person or issue; it is a powerful tool that is wielded with intuition.

The tarot is a deck of 78 mystical cards, with connections to alchemy, psychology, astrology, numerology, Kaballah, Eastern philosophy and many other esoteric traditions. The cards speak to the reader in a Universal language through a variety of archetypal symbols.

Lorelei’s style as a reader has been described as “upbeat, positive and beating”, so you can expect a reading suggests how your personal strengths can help you to solve problems so long as you are proactive.

See below for details of readings that Lorelei offers. Please contact Lorelei direct on (or via Facebook or Instagram) to order a bespoke spread of any number of cards or questions that you would like.

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4 card reading

Perhaps you need a more balanced view than a 3-card reading provides to help you to perceive a situation as it is?

Either ask for a bespoke 4 card reading or choose the layout below:

Card 1: The situation/you now.
Card 2: What’s in your heart.
Card 3: What wants to be made conscious.
Card 4: Likely outcome.

3 card reading

When you need to analyse an issue, make a decision or clarify your thoughts, consult the tarot for a brief overview presented as follows:

Option 1

Card 1: The situation/you now.
Card 2: Past influence.
Card 3: Future influence.


Option 2

Card 1: The situation/you now.
Card 2: Future potential.
Card 3: Blockage.

When making your order, please confirm which option, 1 or 2, you would like for your reading.

Free flowing consultation including tarot

Sometimes it is hard to know what questions to ask the cards or what to focus on; you may feel the need for more moral support than a simple card reading could provide, in which case Lorelei offers a free-flowing consultation including tarot, so that you can discuss what’s on your mind with her during a video call and as the discussion progresses, cards will be drawn to go deeper into an understanding of the challenges you are facing and how to tackle them. The call will be a discussion interspersed with an unlimited number of cards, drawn intuitively at points during the discussion for further illumination of the issues.


Terms and conditions
1. To receive a tarot card reading, payment must be received in the way agreed before Lorelei draws cards for you. None of the details you provide will be stored on our database, unless you have indicated that you would be happy to be contacted by email about free content and/or offers, in which case your email address will be stored securely.
2. Your tarot reading will consist of a photo of the cards drawn and a written interpretation of the meanings of the cards, unless otherwise agreed.
3. Your tarot reading will usually be sent within three days of receipt of your payment.
4. The messages conveyed in readings are intended for general guidance only and you take full responsibility for your actions following readings.
5. Once your reading has been sent it will be non-refundable.