The power of “I love” – how these words can rewrite your life

How often do you use the words “I love…”? I challenge you to use them as many times a day as you can and to notice how quickly your state of mind is positively affected.

The way we speak defines our experience and in this way, language is a powerful tool. In this article, I am going to share with you details of a daily practise I recently began as well as my thoughts on how it has the power to help transform your state of mind and in turn, your life.

I have previously written on the power of words and how when we speak, we cast spells: see

I have banished certain words from my speech and I craft what I say carefully, with due regard to how it defines my experience. There are other tools I have gathered along the way, such as using my words to frequently express gratitude. For example, when something fortunate happens, I take a minute to say “thank you, thank you, thank you” to the Divine. By regularly giving thanks, we emit the frequency of gratitude and in this way we become a magnet for more things to be grateful for. Noticing your blessings and giving thanks is also a good way to maintain a positive focus.

Gratitude is like a super-power. It’s of a very high frequency in energetic terms. Use it often.

Want to know what packs an even more powerful energetic punch?


Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. In our pure energetic form, we are love. Love is the absolute truth. When you emit the frequency of love you are in tune with this truth and your vibration is raised.

I recently decided to up my game in the gratitude stakes. Rather than just saying “thank you”, I would express my love. I would express my love for all that is good in my life, including what would seem to be the smallest comfort or convenience that I would otherwise take for granted. There are quite a few homeless people in the town where I live and it really does put it into perspective when I see them sleeping on a bench without a blanket, when I have a warm home to go to, food to cook and a nice bed to sleep in.

So how do I express my love on a day to day basis? It’s easy. I go about my day in a mindful way, immersing myself in every experience and noticing what I am fortunate to have and saying “I love…” for each thing I am grateful for as it is ‘happening’. For example:

“I love having a warm shower”
“I love having a healthy breakfast”
“I love walking my dog”
“I love seeing the trees”
“I love caring for my partner”
“I love serving my clients”
“I love communicating effectively”
“I love hearing the birds”

This practise has not only meant that I have a big smile on my face most of the time, it has meant that I am manifesting super-fast. With the power of love behind my grateful thoughts, I am receiving this frequency back loud and clear from the Universe. That is not to say I do not occasionally feel unpleasant emotions, of course I do, I’m human. The difference now, is that my love for my life is so strong I can switch back to a positive mindset much quicker than before.

It is as if I am gradually cleansing my psyche of negative sludge that inevitably builds up over time when we are bombarded by so much negativity.

Switch your frequency to love by expressing your love often.

Your heart centre is your own personal powerhouse where you implode energy from below and above and the more you express love, the more power you generate.

Rewrite your life with the words “I love”.

With Love,

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