The wounded adolescent and the Return of the King

There is always a lot of talk about Goddesses and the Divine Feminine in the metaphysical community and I do not doubt the importance of welcoming the energy of the Goddess and all of her Archetypes into our lives, yet it is equally important to foster a relationship with the Divine Masculine, for we are all both masculine and feminine and must assimilate both aspects within our psyches to become the empowered individuals that we are meant to be.

In this article I am going to say a little about what I am sensing in relation to masculine energies and how that is translating into how I am operating on a day-to-day basis. I wasn’t planning on writing this article but I felt compelled to do this today after noticing so many synchronicities.

Mother/Father energy

When the month of May began it was very apparent to me that there would be an emphasis on learning to parent ourselves effectively in order to heal our wounded inner children. Throughout the collective there was a prevalence of gut health issues that indicated that stuck energy in the sacral area was beginning to shift so that it could be moved up and out of us. As we approach the mid-point of May, my own focus has moved up from the sacral chakra to the solar plexus and with it, I have felt a distinct strengthening of masculine energy. So what is this telling me? Well as I always say, I can only speak for myself but what I am resonating with is that now I have had the opportunity to practise and strengthen my ability to Mother myself, thus healing the infant/child energy in the sacral area, I am ready to begin healing the adolescent energy in the solar plexus area.

Thus so it is in life: we begin as an infant dependent on our Mother; and as we reach our teenage years, it is perhaps the firmer hand of our Father that is needed to help us activate our willpower and forge our way through life.

Mother is nurturing and compassionate whereas Father is motivating and uncompromising; she is the healing and secure energy of Water and Earth; and he is the intellectual and inspiring energy of Air and Fire.

The drive to become organised

Father does not let a teenager drift around without achieving anything. Are you feeling pushed to get yourself organised in some way? If you are, it may be that like me, you are in the process of welcoming the energy of the King/Emperor Archetype into your consciousness so that by fathering yourself, you activate your willpower and personal Mastery in order to have more command of your environment. The King does not work with a messy mind or a messy life; he wants order. By creating space in your life for order and taking command of your day-to-day schedule, you will create space for the energy of the King to operate there. I started noticing this drive to become organised when my work situation became very anxious; I had to take control of it before I crumpled into a defeated mess. What did I do? I analysed and I organised.

Why would you want to create space for the King to return to your life?

You have ambitions, don’t you? You have goals that you’d like to achieve? You would prefer to feel like you’re in the driving seat of your life rather than a passenger, yes? This is why you need the King. The King is in command of his environment and he is determined to achieve his goals; he takes action to manifest his will and he does not give up if he suffers a momentary defeat.

When there is space for the King Archetype to operate in your life, everything you touch turns to gold.

Some tips from the King

There is no need to treat life like a military operation (you don’t want the King to take over completely and go to war!) so as ever, the masculine needs to be balanced with the feminine aspect that encourages us to be content and mindful of the beauty in each moment. Nevertheless, if we have integrated our internal Father he will come to check up on us and possibly offer a stern word or two if we are failing to take responsibility for ourselves. Having noticed what helped me to pull myself out of a slump and to kick anxiety’s backside, I offer some fatherly tips below to help welcome the King to operate in your life.

  1. Take your spiritual practise seriously.
  2. Identify fears and put in place measures to combat those.
  3. Decide what you want to achieve each day and commit to action.
  4. Have a sense of humour!

Rather than talk about each of the four tips individually in detail, I would prefer to let you interpret those in the context of your own lives and work out what they mean for you. As a broad outline though, after slacking off with my spiritual routine I realised the importance of daily energy clearing; I felt my inner father frowning at my carelessness. Also, when I found myself triggered by anxiety, I took control of myself by sitting down to analyse what I was fearful of; a bit of a pep-talk from my inner father. In terms of output, I have made a point of setting myself a few goals each day and crossing them off my list as I achieve them, so that I remain focussed on the list rather than getting distracted by other tasks that might overwhelm me – this organisation makes me more efficient. Finally, I make sure I have a good laugh every day, since that’s what my inner father does, he buoys my spirits with jolliness when I feel heavy. With these measures implemented, I am feeling much more clear headed and ready to take on the world again.


I sense that we are in a very exciting time where we are evolving very quickly and that we are being called to step up to the next level of personal responsibility in order to become the architects of our lives and Master Manifestors.

So what are you going to do to usher in the Return of the King?

With love,


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