Tarot readings are a form of divination giving an insight into the influences surrounding a person or issue; it is a powerful tool that is wielded with intuition.

The tarot is a deck of 78 mystical cards, with connections to alchemy, psychology, astrology, numerology, Kaballah, Eastern philosophy and many other esoteric traditions. The cards speak to the reader in a Universal language through a variety of archetypal symbols.

Lorelei’s style as a reader has been described as “upbeat, positive and beating”, so you can expect a reading suggests how your personal strengths can help you to solve problems so long as you are proactive.

See below for details of readings that Lorelei offers. Please contact Lorelei direct on (or via Facebook or Instagram) to order a bespoke spread of any number of cards or questions that you would like.

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Earth tarot ritual

Earth is associated with stability, security and the material world. Issues that are within the realm of Earth are material resources such as money and property, the health of the physical body and connection to nature. Your part in the ritual will be explaining your query to me in writing and then making a small offering to Earth (I will offer suggestions) and asking to be shown what is aligned with your highest creative potential, before I carry out a 4 card tarot reading to consider your query. You may have your reading delivered in writing or during a video call.

Air tarot ritual

Air is associated with the power of the intellect, problem solving and truth. When you need to analyse an issue, make a decision or clarify your thoughts, consult the element of Air. Light some incense as an offering and ask for clarity on the issue that you then explain by placing ink to paper in your own handwriting. Take a photo of your note and send it to me, then I will draw a single card that represents the answer. You may have your reading delivered in writing or during a video call.

Fire tarot ritual

Fire is associated with passion, creative potential and change. When there is a burning desire that needs direction, a flame to be rekindled or the wielding of destructive fire, call upon this element. Light a candle and call upon the power of Fire to bring a spark of inspiration. Explain your issue to me in writing and then I’ll draw 8 cards to draw your attention to where energy needs to flow. You may have your reading delivered in writing or during a video call.  

Water tarot ritual

Water is associated with emotions, relationships, unconscious forces, Mystery and Magick. Call upon the element of Water by any means that resonates with you and feels like it fosters an energetic connection to liquid water. Taking a bath, walking by a river, throwing a stone into the sea – anything that feels symbolic for you. Ask me your query in writing including any synchronicities that you sense may be relevant and I’ll then draw 3 cards to provide you with a reading delivered in writing or during a video call.

Spirit tarot ritual

The Spirit ritual embraces the knowledge that you are a spirit on a human journey and that it is necessary to traverse the three alchemical stages nigredo, albedo and rubedo. One card will be drawn to address the shadow (nigredo), another to provide illumination (albedo) and a final card to point towards the conclusion of the transformation (rubedo). When you are facing a crossroads or a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, you must embrace the Hero’s Journey, descending into the Underworld to face the shadow and when all hope seems lost, a guide appears with a task that must be completed to safely pass through the shadow lands. The Hero that returns from this trial is transformed – the perfect shiny ruby of rubedo represents the permanent shift in consciousness that has been made by the individual who faced their demons and won.


Terms and conditions
1. To receive a tarot card reading, payment must be received in the way agreed before Lorelei draws cards for you. None of the details you provide will be stored on our database, unless you have indicated that you would be happy to be contacted by email about free content and/or offers, in which case your email address will be stored securely.
2. Your tarot reading will consist of a photo of the cards drawn and a written interpretation of the meanings of the cards, unless otherwise agreed.
3. Your tarot reading will usually be sent within three days of receipt of your payment.
4. The messages conveyed in readings are intended for general guidance only and you take full responsibility for your actions following readings.
5. Once your reading has been sent it will be non-refundable.